Liquid Ride Boats - Summerland, British Columbia, Canada

About Liquid Ride Boats

Elite Riders Edition Solaris

The Liquid Ride Elite tow boat was developed to provide leading edge design and creativity for the most demanding customer. Each boat is custom built to the new buyer's specifications with no compromises for quality which is commonly the case in production boats. Quality is not inspected into the Liquid Ride, it is crafted into the Liquid Ride insuring maximum customer satisfaction and years of worry-free use.

Liquid Ride was first created in the virtual world. Using the most advanced 3-D technology available today, every aspect of the design was fully tested on the computer first. From the design, the plugs for all major components were custom CNC machined to tolerance less than the width of a hair.

The hull design eliminates the traditional compromises that are seen in most production wake board boats. This new hull geometry provides a more consistent wake and gives a long ramp feel with a solid kick off the peak. Not only does the Liquid Ride create a huge wake at wakeboarding speeds, but the unique LR1 FLEX hull design creates lift at higher speeds, generating a faster boat and a wake that is close to those found only on smaller direct drive inboards for water skiing. A sharp angled entry V is put in place on the Liquid Ride to conquer the most notorious problem of competition tow boats, the extreme pounding. This V allows for cutting through waves creating a much smoother ride, very similar to that found in modified deep V stern drives.

Liquid Ride is built from the finest materials available today. The laminate of the major and structural components are of a sandwich type construction This aircraft inspired technology is simply the best way to build a boat. It takes a little longer and requires a great deal of skill and craftsmanship that some other boat builders simply can not provide. Each Liquid Ride boat is left in the mould for 190 hours to ensure a proper cure for each part that we have spent so much time and money on designing. This guarantees the first boat and every boat built after will run exactly the same. Every inch of this craft is built from vinyl ester resin, directional woven glass, ceramic and foam core composite materials that are 100% truly hand laid. Not a single piece of wood that can rot or fail is found in a Liquid Ride. Over the past 8 years developing the Liquid Ride Tow Boat and over 30 years in the fiberglass industry building Malibu Boats, we truly believe we have built you the most innovative, versatile, and highest quality boat today's water sport enthusiasts seek.